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When making my box, i got the volume for it from a website that made custom enclosures. The site isnt on this computer but im sure its somewhere on this forum, anyways, you enter the desired volume and how much room in your car you have to work with. I entered 2.0cuft (for my 15" RE SE) sealed, and the dimentions given were 18.25W x 16.875H x 17D which was the equal 2.13ft^3 (for speaker displacement) Now, when i enter these dimentions into the 12volt's box volume calculator, it gives an internal volume of 2.31 which is still larger than it is suppose to be. When making my box, it ended up being an 1.5 inches too high because 3/4 MDF x 2 wasnt taken into @ me. anyways, how much of a difference will i notice in sound since the box is now 18.25 x 18.25 x 17? Thanks in advance!

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not much of a difference.

add chunks of wood or use expanding foam to reduce volume

polyfill to "increase" volume

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since its sealed, it won't be a big problem. It may be a little bit "boomy" sounding though. Try placing stuff inside the box that will take up space like bags of sand and see how the sound changes.

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how much room does the sub take up while in the box? the internal volume is 2.5 ft^3, but how much of that will be taken up by the sub itself? i might use some of the scrap MDF to make up for the extra volume, but ill probably see how it sounds first.

Help_2, does expanding foam really work? Have you used it before in any of your enclosures?

Thanks for the responce!
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