Blown jl audio 13w7 sub.... can it be repaired


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Username: Shane

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can it be fixed or am i in trouble

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did u check all your wires and rca's, i dont think you should jump to the conclusion that the sub is blown just yet

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call jl. how did it blow?

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Username: Shane

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i was just listenin to it and then all of a sudden it went of and started rattilin and now it wont even go on

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I blowed 2 13.5 and 1 12w7 subwoofer. Only a authorized dealer can get it fix or if it is not under warrenty and you talk too the dealer it can be fixed (reconed) for 150.00 dollar and it includes shipping .

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can i ask how much power you were pushing at it! you realize JL says that sub can take 2000 Watts right!! did you smell the voice coil? and did you check and make sure your amp isn't toasted?

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hey i got a Jl audio 300.4 amp that is done i def. needs to be reapired how much will it cost and who can fix it. I aint buy it from a authorized dealer neva bought guy gave it to came in a car that was going to the junkyard

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Did you buy it from an authorized dealer?

Aside from that, JL can repair it for a price. But it isn't cheap.

The reason I asked if it was bought authorized is because JL does NOT warrant any kind of online sales, nor claims from any other party than the original buyer. Companies selling these on the internet burn off the serial numbers and usually damage the product in the process. That's where the majority of the problems in the product occur, especially the amplifiers.

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In most cases, JL will replace the sub with brand new one.
I had mine replaced for $380.
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