Alpine CDE-7856, into a 93 taurus?


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Hey, I just got this head unit for free, and the car for free. So, anyway, the HU doesn't have the "pig tails" as Best Buy and such call it. It just has two jacks like a PS2 or something,Red&white. And a 16 pin plug on the back. My taurus has nothing like that, the only thing that's the same as the new HU is the antenna. Okay, so, I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on what to do? please don't like tear me apart, I know that I know nothing about electronics. Is there any type or wire harness that I can just plug the old equipment into the new HU? or should I order the new "pig tails" from Alpine? I don't know where to get them if so. I can pry wire it up myself without a harness, but I'd preffer a plug and play deal. Part numbers or at least websites would be greatly appreciated... thanks allot.


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Pig tails? Realistically, that is called the wiring harness. They can be found for good prices on ebay. Just search for your model of head unit and you should get listings with only the wiring harness available that fits your unit.

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Sorry... I wasn't sure if that was some car audio lingo that I don't know. Thats what the guy at my local Best Buy or Circuit City were calling them. Thanks. I figured it was just called a wire harness. But My other question, am I going to have, to hack my cars stock wires apart and figure out the proper connections to the new HU? Or is their a product that can eliminate that step, and just apadt it? And umm, when I get it all figured out, how do I know which amp? the HU has a built in one, and my car has one stock. Should I completely cut the stock amp out of the loop? or should I not hook a wire or two for the HU and use the factory one? I'm not replacing speakers, I just want a CD player, I'm affraid the HU's amp will blow out the stock speakers.

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Sorry, back again. I bought the wire harness that was supposed to come with the head unit(but wasn't removed from the wrecked car the HU is from). It was like 8 bucks on ebay counting shipping. Now, the next question is, will all the wires in the factory wire harness, correspond with the wires on the Alpine wire harness? I'm not really down with spending even more money on this pile of crap car it's going into, I doubt it will last till summer. So I'm not going to spend more gas money buying a "to car" harness I'm just going to snip the old wires, and hook them up to the new ones. One thing though, there's two extra connectors(not counting the antenna)not part of the main 16 wire harness thing. There's two other things that plug into the factory HU. Are they the stock amp wires? do I need them? If I just hook up the main wire harness will the HU function properly?

One last question, what are the Red and White jacks on the back of the HU for?

Thanks, John
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