WHats the difference between coaxial and component speakers?


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Whats the difference? Heres a Link with both types.
http://www.woofersetc.com/index.cfm?&fuseaction=page.display&page_id=14&mfg_acco unt_ID=1

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well i can give you the basic. a component set consists usually of a midrange/midbass speaker a tweeter and a crossover. that would be a 2 way component set. the crossover really helps the sound. it allows only the lower frequencies to go to the midbass/range speaker and the higher frequencies to go to the tweeter. there are also 3 way component systems that consist of a tweeter a midrange and a midbass usually a 1 inch tweeter a 4 inch midrange and a 6.5 inch midbass. and the crossover of course. this setup devides the frequencies even better. now a coaxial speaker does not have a true crossover in most cases. they may say it has a built in crossover but trust me its not the same. i have JL VR comps in the front and JL VR coaxials in the back and i will never do that again. coaxials IMO suck. if you can get a comp set. if u dont have a place to put a tweeter they sell comp sets that mount the tweeter in the middle of the midbass/range speaker...

just 2 cents hope that helps a little.

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coaxials are midrange drivers with the tweeter mounted to a center pole directly over the midrange typically.
cheaper, easier to install, generally lower power handling.

components or separates have separate midrange, tweeter, and crossover module. They offer better flexibility and generally better sound quality due to superior ability to direct the speaker positioning. they are more difficult to install and cost more, but offer better power handling as well.

that's the basics
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