Very strange speaker problem


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I just purchased and installed new speakers (alpine sps 170A). Previously, i had no speakers connected to my head unit, which is a new(ish) sony mp3 cd player. I installed the speakers myself, and they worked for a while. Yesterday, i got into my car and i started the engine, when i did, my right speaker (only the right, and not the left) made a humming sound. I found this strange, yet the speakers still worked and sounded fine, although every once in a while, i would hear the humming sound, and the right speaker would fade out for a few seconds. This problem continued and actually worsened. Now whenever i get into my car, when i turn the engine on, the right speaker humms for a few seconds, and then when the music comes on, it remains silent. When i turn off my car, it also humms in the exact same fashion. When it humms, no music comes through the other speakers. I dont believe the humming is causing the other speakers not to play music, i think that music is not normally played when the humming occurs, that is... the humming happens when the amp has just been turned on, and when it is shutting down.i dont think it is the speaker because its so new, and the amp is stil quite new as well. Any advise

If anyone could help at all it would be greatly appreciated...

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Humming, buzzing or whining sounds are usually created due to lack of a good ground connection. Make sure that your ground wire('s) are fastened on tight to the body/chassis of the car. Scrape the painted metal surface where your ground is connected at.

Also, try twisting your RCA jacks a little to make sure that you are getting a good connection there as well. Do it at the HU and at the amp.

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You may also get interference from power wires if your RCA cables are routed near any power wires. Always route your RCA cables away from any power source.

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sounds like somthing is grounding out, wire touchin metal somewhere or terminal on speaker touching metal...
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