SONY HEAD-UNIT PROBLEM - radio works fine, no sound on cds though


I am installing a complete system in someones car and i have everything working fine except cds will not play. The radio works fine, but when i try a cd, it loads fine and plays (counts), but it doesnt put out any sound. The previous owner of the cd player said he had the same problem and had someone switch a certain wire but he couldnt remember specificly what was done. I thought i was pretty experienced in car audio but i have no idea what to do here.

You need to disconnect from the power antenna connection and connect through the line dedicated as a Power Amplifier line by the Sony. You probably notice the power antenna (if you have one) goes down when you switch to CD. That means your power is shutdown to the amplification section of the CD player. Hope this helps in time.

so i disconnect the the power antenna wire from the headunit that is now connected to the harness. Then connect the power antenna wire from the headunit to the "amp turn on wires"?

Sony is Crap!

I had this problem too with a Sony CDR-450 (?). There was no power amp turn on lead, just an antenna lead. When I would play a cassete or use the CD changer, the antenna would go down and my amp would shut off. The store that put it in ended up connecting the amps turn on wire to the accessory point on my fuse box. That turned the amp on whenever I had the car running even if I wasn't listening to the stereo. Since I always do, that was cool.
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