Question about my headunits preouts.


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Ok, if my headunit has a sub preout, does that mean theres an internal crossover effecting that preout? What I mean is, I plan on running my component kappa perfect speakers and my sub off of a 4 channel amp. So, if I use the sub preout to that amplifier, is it more often than not that subpreouts have limited freq's?

If thats the case, do I have to buy some type of converter for my regular speaker wire outputs to convert the wires into rca's?

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What model is the head unit? And yes, the sub preout is limited to bass frequencies only. If they do have a sub preout, they almost always have a rear preout to go with it...


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Alright, did a little more research.

It's a Kenwood KDC-MP628. Scratch what i said about the "sub" preout. Its called a "rear" preout. I also have a front preout as well. Now, would you say the rear is the same as the front, or the rear is acting like a sub preout. Also, I found in the settings that you can turn on/off the headunits amplifier. Would this be a good idea once I get my amp installed for my components? Aparently theres a crap load of controls and advanced features I didnt know were even present. Any suggestions on fine-tuning would be appreciated.

Thank you =)

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Hm, anyone have any input?

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once you hook up an amp to your mids and highs, you no longer are recieveing power from the radio, the power comes from the amp, signals come from radio to amp. i would just adjust your bass/treb and equalizer,tried to look at manual but could not, it looks like the rear can be used as sub
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