Infinity Kappa Perfects - can I temp run them off my headunit?


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They are 100 watts RMS - and my amp is on backorder - just wondering if I can install them and run them off my headunit (which is like 30 rms?) as a temp thing just so I can listen to music. Reason being is I'd like to work on the install until my amp comes in.

Would that hurt the speakers at all?

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You shouldn't drive the perfects from the head unit as there is a fair chance that the amp will clip and produce large amounts of harmonics. Even though you only have 30W rms you can seriously damage the speakers.
Having worked for Harman UK we have seen large number of units returned with damage to the voice coil caused by low power.


I also have Kappa perfects, I was wondering if too much power from my amp will blow it off cause my amp has 170rms per channel and the perfects only has 100rms..

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You should be fine hooking them up to your HU, they won't sound near as good as they will with an external amp.

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Yes, Brandon is right and Keith is partially right.


If you push your HU into clipping (above 30W RMS), then yes, the current could damage them.

You can give a 5000W RMS sub, 50W RMS that is unclipped, and there won't be damage to the sub, just that the sub will not perform to optimum capacity.

Anon., as long as you are responsible with the extra 70W RMS, and don't OVERDRIVE the speakers, it's not a problem. You can hear the distortion in the speakers when they are A.) Clipping or B.) Being overdriven/powered.

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I ran my Perfects off the factory GM headunit (probably 4 watts rms if that) for about 6 months while saving up for an amp and aftermarket hu. Was ok but be carefull how loud you turn them up, when I turned up the volume too loud with the factory unit I noticed the woofers starting to sound muddy and distorted.

Much better with the amp, they are getting 100 watts rms and even at fairly loud volume they don't do this anymore.

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if those are new kappas, they ar 2ohm speakers, I would not run them long on a radio, since they are rated for 4ohm loads.....

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okay i read this on so im almost postive its solid information. if u give a speaker 1/4 or below the rms wether or not the signal is clipped or not you CANNOT hard the speaker. even a clipped signal of 1/4 the power will not reach enough heat to damage the speaker. however once u start clipping the signal the sound will not sound good so if u really like ur music youd watch the volume level anyways.

as far as the radio load ty is talking about. its its true that ur speakers are 2 ohm and the radio is designed for a 4 ohm load i woulndt do it....

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harm**** not hard the speaker lol

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Well, my kappas run at 4 ohms. I guess they arnt the brand new ones. My headunit is pushing 22x4 watts. As long as I keep them from clipping it'll be ok. So, alright then - sounds good.
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