Cd player and dome light are out?


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hi everyone.. I have an 86 El Camino. I previously installed an alpine cd player in it and it worked fine for about a year until I it crapped out on me. I recently bought the same exact CD player and installed it exactly how the old one was. Everything worked great.. I used it for nearly an hour. When I came outside about 2 hours later and started my car, neither the radio nor the dome light on the ceiling worked. This can't be a coincidence, so I'm wondering.. is there a fuse or something that both the radio and dome light share?

this has got to be something simple, because nothing was changed between the time the cd player worked and when I came back outside.

thanks, if you have any help

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check fuses in car, they are either on the same line or there is more then one fuse out.

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so it is possible that one fuse can control two (unrelated) devices?

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That or some wiring might have gotten fried. Recently, the Alpine units have required you run new and heavier gauge wiring directly to the battery to prevent your stock wiring from frying due to their V-drive amplifier technology.

What model is the Alpine?

Like Ty said, checking all of the fuses would be the best idea.

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3845 i believe.. it's not new.. I bought it in 03.
On another board, a guy told me:
The Orange (no stripe) wire behind the radio should be the constant 12v wire. it can usually also be tapped off of the lighter socket center post. It also happens to feed the dome light circuit.

this sorta makes sense because niether my dome light, radio OR cigarette lighter work. Has anyone had problems with a 12v wire before?
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