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i have a 04 lincoln ls that i am wiring up. I have a kicker kx 1200.1 which says taht all it needs is 4 gauge wire but i thought that you would use 0 gauge on something with over 1000 watts. wiring to two re se's. going to purchase a new ho alt and a yellow top battery. how am i suppsoed to wire this up? please let me know. And how do i wire a processor from a headunit. HU is a clarion vrx755vd dvd. i am lost with this tangle of wiring. please let me know what wires i will need and how much of it i will need.
thanks in advance
P.S. stock battery location is in the trunk, so wiring from battery to alt will be longer and battery to amp will be shorter tehn normal.

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good one... it's easier than it seems i'm sure, but not for me.
glasswolf or jonathan or mixneffect or muddywaters or Sean or Rovin or many others would be GREAT at answering that one. It's safe to say you can rely on them, though.

By the way, I haven't heard from Glasswolf for A PRETTY LONG TIME! Anybody know? M.I.A? (just wondered)

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Rovin? jonathan? muddy? mixneffect? sean? any ideas?

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since those others r not around i'll have a go @ it ....

what amp will u be using 4 highs/mids btw ? - u have 2 take into accout what loads it will also be pulling

here r 3 guides i use alot

& & has diagrams etc 2 help u out alot ........

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also how do you wire up say 6-10 tweeters? do you have to get all separate amps like 3 different two channel for all six or could you help me with that too?
the amp for the mids would be a mtx thunder 564. The kicker will be running a 1 ohm load and the mtx will run a 4 ohm load. Unless i figure out how to run the tweeters becasue i dont need bass in the cabin since i have to subs. or do i? any reactions to taking the mid bass out and just doing tweeters?
Also the processer is an enigma to me, how do i wire that up? or is it not worth doing...

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I prefer the wire calculator at BCAE1 over 12v. I don't know what 12v assumes as amplifier effeciency, but 160A for 1000w is ridiculous. On top of that an amp that can do 1000w on a test bench will rarely, if ever, actually require 1000w for a music signal, and if it does it will be for a fraction of a second at a time. A 1000w sub amp doesn't need 1000w worth of current from the alt/battery. To play music LOUD - it's only going to need about half that.

So - 4 ga is enough. And with the battery in the trunk only needing a few feet of wire to the amp. 4 ga is most definitely enough.

FWIW - I've got about 3' of 8 ga from my d block (60A fuse) to my under-rated 700w rms sub amp which works perfectly.

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how do you wire a bunch of tweeters to a hu and factor it into a system to make it sound right...
would i get the tweeters, buy a crossover and then filter the lows to the subs and the highs to the tweets? if i do that does that make it sound bad taking the mid bass out of the cabin? alos what if i have say 6 tweeters and i need more then one amp how do i wire the crossover to that? should i just stay with the contemporary componts rather then using tweeters?

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yes you are getting into the realm of serious complications and cancelation. not to mention the fact that 6 tweets unless very soft is too much for any ones ears. I would go with a standard component set(that will come with x-overs) and a set of coax to add as rear fill. I would run those fronts and rear off of a 4 chan amp to keep it simple then an amp for your subs which you already have. With a HO alt you should have no worries. 8 guage would be fine with that short of a run and in that case you would not need to upgrade your bat to alt because it is already 8 guage. The longer you run wire the more current you lose so if you are running 1000 watts 3 ft 8 guage will work out fine where if you were running it 20ft I would deff reccomend 0-2 guage.
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