And then it went POP...HELP PLEASE


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Two questions; 1) I took out my two 12's for a bit and when I was reconnecting the cables I accidently touched the power cable to some other metal contact on the amp when I saw a spark and the subs made their last boom. I checked the fuse on the amp and its fine, so I would like to know which part of the circuit is fried. Is there a fuse somewhere in the wire that connects the battery to amp?
2) I bought the sub's off an old friend and I have no idea what kind they are, all it says is "C-7 Precision Power" any ideas?

Thank you very much for any help

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it could be ur inline fuse under the hood of ur car, also when u connect or disconnect car audio, un hook the - plug on ur battery so there will be no problems with sparks

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God knows what you fried. Mighta totally wasted your whole setup. Unless you're some kind of electrical engineering, you should probably take it to some either audio shop that can work on electronics or an electronics shop to see what happened. You might have also fried your subs.

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shouldnt be the subs..if the amps input didnt have power.. more than likely you just toasted every circuit in your amp, though.

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well inline fuse or not. ur amp is more than likely baked

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Thats odd.. i accidentally touched my live power wire to the top of my amp multiple times while working with my setup and it made huge sparks and absolutley scared the sh*t outta me but never had any affect on the amp it always worked fine afterwards. and we are talking piece of sh*t Pyramid amp lol.
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