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I have a 13w7 in a sealed box I paid $300 for. It is supoposed to be tuned at 30 Hz and they have a paper work to prove it, but the sound coming out is tuned at 40Hz. They say it is the trunk that is changing the frequency of the sound. The car is a 99 Mazda Millenia. THe sub is no where as deep as my friends fosgates tuned at 30Hz. Can the trunk really changfe the tuned sound that much. Please Help

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i don't know if you can really tune a sealed box. you can make it too big or too small and that will affect the sound, but as far as how deep the sub will be, depends on the sub. a 13W7 isn't gonna go much lower then 23.5 Hertz, since thats the sub's FS. (i think i'm right on this) but if you have subsonic filters on your amp, it won't even go that low. check for that on your amp. the vehicle the subs is in can affect the sound, but usually just the peak frequency. also, what subs did your friend have??

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u tune a port, u cant tune a sealed box. paperwork doesnt mean anything

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It'll drop lower than 23.5. Fs doesn't really hurt a sub in that aspect, not sealed especially.

A sealed box can't be tuned as a ported. The reason your sub isn't as deep can depend on a lot of things, the car being the biggest to blame. Second would be the size box you're using, and what you're comparing to as far as your friends setup. If you want deeper bass, you need to go to a low tuned ported box. It'll be more authoritative.

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Well I just wanted to mention that a sealed box does have a center frequency so technically it can be tuned but that gets determined by the thiel small parameters of the subwoofer dropped into the box so if you drop another sub in all together the center frequency of that sealed box would change even though the sealed boxes airspace stayed the same

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Technically, but it doesn't benefit as ported at tuning would. Sealed at resonance just sounds crappy. I'm wondering how he figured it's "tuned" to 40hz, though. I'm guessing that's what they measured the SPL peak at, which simply means that's where you're getting the most cabin gain compared to frequencies around it.

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how do u know were to turnt he frqueny knob ont he amp if it has no numbers just blank

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Turn it to where it sounds good.
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