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does anyone know any good sites that show you how to make a box out of fiberglass?

i would like to learn this skill and do my own custom work

i know they have instructional video and stuff but is there any free tutorials?

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Fiberglass enclosures look nice but unfortunatly they sound like trash

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here you go

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FIberglass Enclosures are usually just for flash and show, but if made right they can sound just fine.

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"Fiberglass enclosures look nice but unfortunatly they sound like trash"

And this is why I rarely visit this site anymore. Does anybody have any correct information around here???

As long as you have your fiberglass box thick enough, there's no difference. The main problem is, most people don't add enough layers, and it's too thin and resonates.

I'd say if you really wanna start fiberglassing, try out a small project first. Practice on a little box for something, anything so you get some experience. Trust me, you don't wanna try to make a custom enclosure out of fiberglass if it's the first time you've ever done it.

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oh my goodness.;f=32;t=000549;f=40;t=008072

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lol any1 know where 2 get plans for just an amp rack? lol

i have a good idea, just need 2 be sure

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exactly what joe said.. try experimenting with small things first .. you wont build a big box flawlessly your first time.. its best to get the whole idea down pat messing around with the small things.. i tried to do a big box right off the bat.. did some things good some things not so good at all and now the ideas scrapd... wasted ALOT of fibreglass to which isnt cheap
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