Can i run 6 (8" subs) off one 2-channel amp?


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I am wanting to run 6 8" subs off one amp.
How should i go about doing this? I was wondering if i could run a 2-channel amp with 3 subs to each channel

Can anyone help??

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Well what kind fo subwoofers and what kind of 2channel amp?

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it sounds like a stupid idea, but it can be done .. tell us what subs they are an what amp you want to use

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its done all the time but before i put 6 eight inchers i would just get two 12's but i guess you have ur reasons for choosing 8's so tell us what eights they are an what type of Voice coils they have an we will let you know what to do or what amp to get if you dont already have a amp

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ive always learned not to parallel more than two subs on a channel. it will screw ur amp up bad.

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well th guy with 6 8s sure isnt helping much they are probably some funky pubs dont those come in 6's lol :-)

tell use the voice coil impedence and the amp u want to use

j rock
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is 4 12's a bad idea because i want to get the most out of my amp 600.1 kicker so im deciding to get 4 re re
i went ahead and both the amp for 180 from a friends thought it was a good deal

j rock
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cadillac where in houston do u live i live here also

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that 4 12s idea will work .......

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Unless you can't do simple math, putting 3 speakers on one channel will not harm anything. You must make sure that the impedence shown by the circuit is greater than the lowest stable impedence of the amplifier.

I've put 8 speakers, in parallel (4ohm DVC in series), on one circuit and it has run fine.

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Well the reason I am using 6 8s is i am putting them under a friends rear seat in his extended cab truck ... the box is a lot smaller than the one i would have to use for 12s. His main conscern is space ... he wants to take up as little as possible with still getting a lot of punch.

The speakers are Rockford Fosgate Punch stage 1
4-ohm , 50-150 RMS, SVC, Peak 300w

WE don't have an amp yet ....
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