How good are treo subs


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theres a 18 inch treo sub with a custom tuned box for 300 is that a deal and how are those subs

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I've heard they're the s,h,i,t.
I almost bought one, but I need a new head unit first.
Ask Muddy Waters... he ownes a couple. Plus, he's got info on some dude in Florida (I think) that offered me a pretty sweet deal on some Treo.
Most impressive though... get this... the guy was actually f,u,c,k,i,n,g honest. Told me maybe I would want to reconsider buying in my area for refund purposes (because i'm running a factory head unit and distortion could damage my sub)
Anyone else would've taken my cash and not gave a f,u,c,k if i lost or not.
Anyways, Treo = good.
Which model is it?

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If its an SSI model i would get it in a second. I think thats the cheepest model they have in an 18' but i might be wrong. A new ssi 18 is 500-600 bucks. Send me the link would ya?

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TREO is what you want man! I have 2 in my trunk. LOUDDD! MY ears realy hurts now!

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Treo's are the way to go imo.

The guy sean talked to is a personal friend of mine, i also helped out at the shop from time to time. he isn't about taking ppl's money anyway, more of a tech head, so he wouldn't steer you the wrong way.
Anyways, the shop closed, so you won't be able to call and get a quote for prices.:-( The owner had some financial issues.....*shakes head*...and they had to close for good i'm afraid.

on a better note, Treo's are extremely durable, and come with a rock-solid warranty, not only that, but they sound really good, except for the SPL-geared subs which are self-explanatory. lol

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B i heard the CSX over the weekend. It was a 15 in a huge ported box with around 4000watts rms. The guy played like 10 test tones and i couldnt even sit in the front seat it was so loud.

do u have pics of ur tsxs?
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