I need help quickly please. its for school but is car audio.


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okay im doing subwoofer tests for a science project due wednesday. i have a HU that i was told works properly. however i hooked it up to a battery and nothing turned on. i just hooked the ground to neg post and power wire to pos post. thats all i need to do to get it to turn on, correct? note: i am not installing this into a car, it is to be used just hooked up to a car battery. please give me some advice thanks

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u need to hook up thr rem(remote) wire to the +(positive) wire its prob blue or orange

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orange is usually ignition - connect it to the red & both to the battery's + terminal

blue is usually the REM amp wire ....

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i had to do exactly what your are talking about when i built my lil sister's mini SPL setup...like Rovin says, try hooking the orange and red wires to the + on the batt. you can use the REM as an on/off switch going to the + on the batt. (i put a toggle switch on my sister's REM wire and it worked great)

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red(switched) and yellow to positive and ground .
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