Viper 771XV remote start problem


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I have a Viper 771XV I had professionally installed and I am having a problem.

I have an 02 mustang gt. After the car has been driven for random lengths of time, and I stop and test the remote start, all is fine. The car starts and runs until I cancel it (I don't wait for the time to expire). But, After sitting over night (or approximately 3 to 4 hours based on my tests) when remote start is activated the car will start, run approximately 7 to 10 seconds, then shut off. The car will then restart, run appproximately 7 to 10 seconds, then shut off. Again this process is repeated for a total of three times. After the third attempt the alarm sends the shut off signal to the remote (audible tones indicate shut off) and the sequence quits.

This only happens when the car has been sitting for at least 3 to 4 hours.

I do have the "bypass" module added with the spare key due to the passive theft system which is factory installed (chip key required to start).

Any ideas as to what my problem is??? After speaking to the installer via telephone, I am not too confident in his trouble shooting skills and want to offer suggestions when I meet with him next week.


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Wow, this one must be really hard, or there are no experts here...


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Out of curiosity, why are you asking us questions instead of taking it back to the install shop and having them fix it? that is one of the perks of having it professionally installed, you have someone to complain at :-)

to answer your problem, the symptoms sound like the bypass isin't in the "sweet" spot, so it's not working properly.
when you try and start it after you've been driving it, it still has the original key code in it's memory. but after it's been sitting for a while, it clears the memory and waits for the right code when it's started the next time. but because the bypass isin't in the right spot, it's not getting the proper code. so it think it's being stolen and does what it's supposed to.

Just becareful not to try and start it too many time repetedly by remote. Some system shutdown for upto an hour and all you can do is wait.
Then there are some systems, (hondas/acuras mostly, i think) lock the system down and have to have the brain recoded.

Good luck with that.
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