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So, I'm almost ready to build em up, but have some questions that I'll try to state plainly. I hope theres is an expert reading this..

1.)My manual doesn't state my subs displacement, any calc tricks to finding it?

2.)To find the recommended 2 cuft airspace for my slotvented enclosure, do I subtract the sub displacement AS WELL AS all inner vent space?

3.)Is there a rule of thumb for how close a sub mount can be to box joints/ports?

4.)Must the opening for the slot(in box)
be a certain distance from walls?
Any pros and cons to a snailshell box?

Please dont reply unless you know what you're talking about. Thanks in advance.

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here...this will help try to figure it out if u wanna figure out your box size right

first call ur manufacturer and ask for what size your box should be ported....lets go with an eclipse Ti for example...its 4.75 ported usually is pretty nice for it...its got .3 displacement(call manufacturer to get way) and lets say i want a port(round one because thats what they will tell you that is 4 inches in diameter and 8 inches long here we need to find our maximum width space and height to start....lets say 33 and its 33 across and 16 high and we need to figure out what depth it would need to be to get 4.75 cubic internally. so lets start with figuring out how much this is in inches cause its easiest this way...trsut me.... so do 4.75 cubic feet x 1728 (for the box)(8208) add to .3 times 1728 (for the sub)(518.4) and write down your number(8726.4) and save that because now we have to figure out our vent slot since were diong that instead of a round port.... so do A = pie x radius squared(sorry i dont know the keys lol) so the radius of 4 is 2 and square that multiplied by its we take that and do 12.56= length x width....for this we get to pick and number betwen 1 and that i usually pick now we have 12.56 = 3 x width...divide 3 out and now have 4.18...12.56 = 3 x we do a = l x w x h.....for this its hard to explain on here but try to imagine this...think in your mind of your slot port....its giong to habve a .75 inch piece of wood there and on the it would be like an upside down L these two numbers up top we just got were in inside of that L and we need the we add .75 to each of componsate for the wood....(also everytime we get a number like 4.18 you round to the nearest it would be 4.25 for this now we have

oh crap....i gotta go right now...ill finish the rest of this tonight sorry.
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