Bridging a 4 channel amp.


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Can I hook up two 4 ohm signle voice coil 400 watt RMS speakers, to a four channel amp by brigdnig it?

For example: Orion Orion-8004 - Orion 4 Ch. 800 Watt Amplifier
(I havent bought that yet, but I do have the speakers)
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

bridging 2 channels of the amp will give 400RMS @ 4ohms. then you have the other 2 channels to power components.

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So to hook up to, id have to bridge 2 channels to each speaker and it will all work fine without any speakers blowing? is Orion an ok brand to get (I am definitely a noob at this, so cut me some slack) cause I hear phoenix gold isnt to good.

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also what does @.01% THD mean?
Also what if I ran the speakers off a 4 ohm@ .01% THD 500 RMS


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First off, why would you even use a 4channel for subs, they are meant to run internal speakers. But it can be done, my choice a mono block amp stable at 2ohms, like alpine.

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Nahh... get the 4 chanel amp for now,(which ever brand you can afford) and when you have the dough to spend on an upgrade, get ya a mono amp that is (1 Ohm stable) to power youre subs and use the 4 chanel to power youre other 4 smaller speakers BOOOM DIDDY BOOM DIDDY BOOM BOOM BOOM!!
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ummm... I just want to know an amp I can use to run them that isn't going to distroy my bank acount.
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