How can I tell if my amp is blown?


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I have a 12" JL sub and a 250w JL amp and when i bought the car the guy that sold it to me had a lightning cap hooked up with it and it wasnt working so i took off the cap and hooked the sub straight to the amp and i know the sub isnt blown cuz i hooked it up in my friends house and it kicked fine.... any suggestions ???

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You may have some wires reversed, if it was hooked up with a cap then the wire configuration may not be the same as when you try to hook it up to the AMP. It may not have anything to do with that, it could be a improperly installed ground or remote. Check around!

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"How can I tell if my amp is blown?"

by the big smile on it's face?

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the sub wouldnt hook up to the cap, only the power and ground for the amp go through the cap. the sub is suppose to connect straight to the amp. maybe thats why its not workin. but yea it is prolly the ground, make sure its on bare metal on the cars frame. and u have to be more specific, is the sub workin at all, makin a little noise, makin a weird noise?

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ummm its not makin any wierd noises and i dont hear nething from it but i can feel a little bit of kick when the bass is up but i think thats just the vibration from the speakers....

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yea, check all the wires and fuses, and if its all good try another place to ground it and make sure its bare metal on the frame.

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I've got a similar problem, my amp (Pioneer GM-X942 600Wx2) isn't working properly, I just replaced my 12" JL W4 (a 1998 model) with a 12" RF HX2212, and when I connect my sub to a friends amp, it works fine, so I know there is something wrong with my amp. Is there any way to check if it is something small is messed up, or any way to know if the amp got fried or what not? Thanks for your feedback.

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best way to check if your amp is blown, is to hook up a friends, if it works, then urs is blown!
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