Funny eBay auction


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I got a laugh out of this one...

note this line: "It has a chunk missing out of the cone, but it didn't affect the the sound at all" WDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

I somehow find that hard to believe...

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Not too bad of a price tho, espically if you were going to get it re-coned. There's a big chunk out of it and he still rates it a 8 for cosmetic???

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looks like someone put their fvckin foot through it!
whats really sad is he gives the sub a 7.5-8.0 cosmetically...lmao

the bid is $39 rite now...

all that sub is good for is a recone. (i'm pretty sure JL recones w7's, but it costs an arm and a leg to get to done)

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That's actually one of the coolest links I've seen in a while, I now know what the W cone is all about. Thats definetly a different design from the old Kicker solo W cone, but similar in concept for sure.

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I'd buy it for cheap, throw a new dustcap on there and sell it...

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haha made me laugh good and proper.
I remember a friend showing me a car on ebay that had the whole front ripped apart and in the description it said something like "This car has suffered minor cosmetic damage" lol

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do you think it still works at all it sound fishy

o cant use that 3ohm sub

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Anyone see what he actually got out of that, not a bad penny for a busted sub!

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i can't believe that some retarded @$$ actually US $198.50 4 it !!!!!.

Some ppl just can't pass up a 'sale' can they ........


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