Problems installing HU?


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I am having a problem installing a CD player in my 90 chevy lumina avp van. I have checked the fuses they were blown & I replaced 2 of them. I have tried 2 different stereos that I know work & can't get either 1 to power up.

I'm almost positive that I have the correct wires:

Orange from van to Yellow on HU - Batt/Memory

Yellow from van to Red on HU - Ign/Acc

Black to Black - Ground

How would I test the wires with a multimeter I've never used 1 what should the readings be

What else can I do is there another way to hook up a stereo without the stock wiring.

Someone please help!

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the constant whould have power all the time
inginition will only power if you have the ignition turned on or to accesory
black should be ground

to test with a meter, put the negitive lead on ground, and positive on the yellow, if it has power, it is in fact your constant, if not check the red, which ever one has power with the car off is yoru constant. then do the same but with the car on, the one that powers up then is the accessory. if you don't get power on a wire at all, trace the wire back to the fuse box. to check the ground wire, leave the positive lead on a wire you know has power and just move the meter ground lead to that ground wire.

the only way to not use the stock wireing is to run all new wires.
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