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For those who have been wondering about it - here's your answer

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"Lowly" ranked Pioneer subs has the honors & also has it many times before too .

Who woulda thunk that ! lol - actually i heard about a while aback ....

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hmmmm - faulty link

then on the car audio section & 2nd paragraph u will see it .......

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Interesting...lool but i can c y...16 of there best woofers lol.
I bet that was loud

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that article is out of date...

Scott Owens now does 180dB+.

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^ Yes, Pioneer did that quite some time ago....

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yeah i know - was feeling too lazy to go look for the latest score

but if anybody wants to post a link to it on this thread - just go right ahead Upload.......

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also too lazy. but:

"For Immediate Release:

Kansas City Missouri, October 15, 2005 - IASCA Competitor member Scott Owens of Team Edge Audio, Tempe, Arizona has accomplished what many once labeled the impossible. In the IASCA IdBL competition lanes at the USACi / IASCA Unified Finals, Scott and his team broke the 180dB mark for the first time in Soundoff history. Never before on any meter, in any country, has this SPL barrier been broken. The new world record in IASCA IdBL was recorded at 180.3 dB and was backed up with a second run matching the first. Scott competes with his Silver Ford F150 in the IASCA Ultimate 4 Division.

When asked what Team Edge Audio did to reach this milestone, Owens said, i½I attribute it to long hours, good record keeping and unrelenting teamwork. You cani½t get where you want to go, unless you identify what you did to get to where you are. Our team members work very well together; and with the support of our sponsors Pioneer, Scosche, Kinetik and Ohio Generator we have the tools and knowledge to edge out these incredible numbersi½.

Owensi½ score was measured on the IASCA SA 3056 SPL meter with the SPL 190 pressure sensor manufactured by Audiocontrol. Chris Kane of Audiocontrol was at the event and remarked i½iti½s amazing! A decade ago we got some strange looks when we introduced the SPL 150 microphone. Iti½s a good thing we developed the SPL190 sensor; now I wonder how long iti½ll be before we need the i½SPL 200i½.

IASCA Worldwide Director (and former IdBL champion) Moe Sabourin said i½I know what it takes to squeak out those last few points at the top of the SPL scale and all I can say is that Scott and his teammates has what it takesi½!

Complete results of the IASCA Competition at the Unified Finals will be posted right after the event; please visit"
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