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Everyone knows how awesome McIntosh Amps and Home Audio speakers are, but what about the car speakers...component systems in particular? I was looking for a set of Focal Components but came across a guy at work who is selling his McIntosh Components for $75. I have never really heard anything about McIntosh Components. How do they match up compared to Focal? Any help is appreciated. I have found limited reviews on the web. I like to attempt my own research before bothering you guys with such questions. Thanks.

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Mcintosh speakers are not that great at all. They make some badass electronics, but on the speaker side of business, not so great. I would definately go with the focal, IF you like high's a lot, if you can find diamond audio hex's, i would go with those, silk dome tweeter. but then again, it's all about your budget.

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I agree.

McIntosh made excellent amplifiers (70's). I am not familiar with their latest lineup (if they still have one).

As far as components are concerned, I would dfinetly recommend the Diamond Audio 7" if you can fit them. I have listened to them compared to others such as MB Quart, Boston, and a few others. Diamond Audio spanked them all.

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Amps and head units are still top of the line, speakers are pretty good, but not near the caliber of the Focals you're comparing them to. Diamond Audio is great. Also look into SEAS Lotus, Dynaudio, Morel, and Rainbow. All excellent stuff. Personally, I'd take all of those over Focal, but it's your preference.

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Ok, I have done some more research on your suggestions and this is what I am coming up with...I am definitely liking the Diamond Audio Hex S600s components, the Rainbow SLC components I came across seem to be just hard to find, the Dynaudio components (System 240MKII) are a little over my desired pricerange, and Image Dynamics Chameleon CXs64(62) are looking good as well. I have decided not to go with Focal at all.

I would like to keep the price around $250 but am willing to go to $350 if it means better SQ. I don't know if this will help any or not, but I am planning on hooking whatever components up to xTant amps. My issue now is which ones to go with. I would like to have it narrowed down to the Image Dynamics CXs64(62), Diamond Audio S600s, or the Rainbow SLC265. Unfortunately, I do not have any personal experience with any of these brands and am making a decision solely on the word of other proffessionals, such as yourselves. Any help or input in greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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just in case any future info is needed on the intitial subject.

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I personally run the diamond d971s and i listen to the s600s all the time in the store, and it was a hard decision for me, becuase of the price of the s600s. Once you put them in, you'll probably never go back to getting anything other then diamond audio. i know i haven't!
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