Which one is better out of the:


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out of all the pioneer Premier Head units which one is better, and do they have the sub control and all that on them

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im also looking at alpine head units to, so can anyone help me out i sure would appricate it,

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Pioneer Premier 860mp is a really oustanding HU for the money spent. www.electronicgiant.com has the best price on it or you can look on ebay

The 05 alpine decks didnt impress me this year with the weak preout voltages.

I whould definetly look at the ALpine CDA-9835 from last year. That is a Excellant HU.

Also Eclipse CD8454 is just as good if not better

and Eclipse CD5444

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modern head units just don't strike me well antonio (except for the new kenwoods interestingly). alpines were great, then they started with this gimic business. not the same quality of old.
premiers look funny to me. i really like the p9, but it's pretty high cost.
i would consider eclipse, maybe but i'm just spoiled with my alpine 9835. it's perfect to me.
the 9833 is equally good. it's just the '05 models that worry me.
sorry i couldn't be of any real help, but my opinions are about it this time around.
you are definitely on the right track though with pioneer and alpine.

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I have and prefer the Premier DEH-P770MP. Of all the Premiers, this one had the right features and layout of controls for me. Took a little while to get use to the main control knob, but now it is a very appreciated feature for me.

My favorite feature is having direct access to the subwoofer control, as well as the clock.

I personally find this unit to have a nice look to it and something different from the old standard without getting "blingy" like recent trends have done.

Alpine was always a favorite of mine, but then they changed and lost the charm for a while. I do like what they are doing with some newer units, but I find them a bit confusing to get to some of the features.

For the price, my Premier gives me three pairs of RCA outs at 4V each - very nice!

Eclipse will give you 5V or 8V depending on model, but the price is a lot higher. 5V is not enough difference to justify the cost. 8V might be depending on what you are wanting from your car audio. I do notice the audible difference going from 2V to 4V, but I don't know if you can notice it as much from 4V to 8V other than on a test bench...
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