Older Top of the line Alpine Vs. Kenwwod XXV-01D


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I currently own an Alpine CDA-7995, it has no amps, it is just a preamp...which is why I bought it. I can't see the point of paying for those onboard amps I'm not going to use. ANYWAY, I use all Zapco Competition series amplification, Dynaudio Components, JL w6v2 subs. System sounds great, but I hear what can only be described almost as some type of processing going on. Kinda like a dolby noise reduction thing. I'm wondering if the Alpine deck is doing something I don't want it to. The media expander is off, and there are no other options engaged. I"m just trying to get a straight clean signal. I'm just wondering if the DAC on the Alpine is too old fashioned. I believe it is a 1-bit delta sigma. My installer is really hot on the new Excelon decks, especially the xxv-01d. ANybody have any experience with it? He believes it is easier to use than the new Eclipse decks, and puts out a Wonderfully clean signal. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I like getting 2nd or even 3rd opinions before I buy. Thanx.

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I have never been a fan of Kenwood due to their reliability issues lately. But who knows, their anniversary edition might have a good build quality.

Some have claimed Alpine has a 'processed' sound and I agree to some extent...but make sure you have seen all of the head units within your price range...that definitely would include Pioneer Premier and Clarion ProAudio.

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The xxv-01 is a great deck, but i would have to say it is a LOT more difficult to use if you lose the remote then the alpine is. If you are going for SQ all i would look at would be the eclispe cd8455 or the mcintosk mx406.

I think that the xxv-05 is a much better sounding DSP on board. It has a dual 24bit burr browns DAC and then it also decodes dvd-audio.
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