Jeremy C, I got a Clifford alarm question fo ya


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Okay so I wanted to add trunk pop to my clifford concept 400. I hooked the solenoid up like it should be (+ going to const. sorce and - to the gray/violet trigger on the brain)... nothing worked. I touched the - wire from the solenoid to ground and it popped like it should have... so, I t-shot the alarm for like 4 hours couldn't find anything wrong with it. So i figure the alarm trunk channel was possibly fried by the previous owner. So i go ahead and rip it all out and added a new 8000 to it and tried it again. Same problem- no pop... so i get a relay and test the trunk channel it that way; no-go. So I test channel "B" (which is for aux lights)with the relay and the relay switched over... SWEET!!!, so i hook up the trunk pop to aux. B and try it... NOTHING!!! WTF, so i put the relay set-up back on "B" and now it doesn't work like it did 5 mins prior... HMmm.... I go back and use the green wire (which is - trigger when armed) and hooked that up to the relay to test if a - pulse is sent (just like ch. A & B) and it works. So i hook that up to the trunk pop and when I armed it, the solenoid pulled, but not hard at all... but after that one try the green wire (as with ch. B wire) stopped working... So now I'm out of idea's... Can the trunk pop solenoid be frying these aux channels? it works normal when i test it without the alarm.. it has a fuse and it doesn't blow so I know the solenoid installation is good... what else could it be? I"ve installed mulitple DEI's alarms (worked at CC) and never had this problem, but this is my first experience with CLifford alarms. Thanks for your help, you seem to be the most knowledgeble with this

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You need to use a relay all the time. The outputs from most security systems are only 500ma and sometimes even 250ma.

Almost anything you add to an alarm especially a trunk release solenoid requires much more than the alarm is capable. I would say yes, you damaged all outputs that you tried... that is if you did not use a relay at all.

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Sorry Jason, I don't help people that worked at CC. Just kidding man. Hay I do alot better if I can see the wiring Diagram. (more of a visual person) If you shoot me a copy, i will look and see if I notice something you should do diffrent.
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