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I was just wondering how good hifonics amps are. I know they are not the best but its not for me,my friend has 2 12" alpine type r's (got a good deal on them $60 for both and a box) and they dont wanna spend alot of money on an amp. I found a new hifonics zues amp on ebay for $150, it puts out 300watts rms at 2 ch. 2ohms. They are the old type r's so that would be perfect but are the amps overrated? Wut amps would u compare them to? Ive never heard a hifonics amp so i dont know anything about them ive always thought they were better than sony xplod but not as good as mtx,some where in between the 2 does that sound about right? Any one with hifonics expereance please let me no if they are worth the money.Thanks.

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Hey I am running a Hifonics Zues 5ch amp.For the money it's a good deal.Really loud.Can't really give you much of an opinion on the bass,since much of my problem with the bass side is that I am way underpowering my subs.(only 300w for 2-10's @ 2ohms)I've been told that Hifonics is better than Sony,not as good MTX.I bought mine because I am on a toal budget and only wanted 1 amp.I can't say I'm "happy" (I always want more power) but it sounds way better than stock.Hope this helps

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TWiZTiD, why not try the A8000T amp for about the same price. It's rated at 800w @ 2ohms.

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Yikes. I had major bad experiences with an A8000T. Kept overheating...pretty loud though.. but it'd literally get blistering hot very quickly.

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Well for one i hate audiobahn and i think it should be a 2 ch amp.Cuz in the future my friend might wanna use it to power something besides subs.Plus i think class a/b amps sound better. So would he totally be wasting his money on the hifonics? Wut about these brands pheonix gold,soundstream,crossfire,visonik? Are those all junk? Or are the better than the hifonics. Maybe i should just talk him into putting another $100 and get one of the new mtx amps.

phoenix gold is a trusted reliable company with real good amp prices for their xenon line on ebay.

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