This a good configuration + deal?


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I'm not really sure which section of the forums this should go in (amplifiers, subwoofers, or something else) so I just decided that I'll post it here hoping you guys can help me.
I have a question for you guys wondering if anyone knowledgable can tell me if the following is a good and whether I should get it.

(2) JL Audio 10W3v2
(1) JL Audio 500/1
(1) JL Audio Bass Knob
(1) Box Dual 10" (Sealed)
(1) Hi yo Low Adapter (to connect system to car)

All that and installation for a flat total of $900.00.

My first question is... is this configuration good? Are the things I got good and do they all match? From what I know they do... but I'm not so well educated about this stuff. Also, more specifically is that box good?

Secondly I'd like to know if you guys think I got a good deal on this stuff.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!

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JL is very expensive, unless u can get a great discount, there are cheaper alternatives, that will sound much better than that

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Well... I think $900.00 is a discounted price for all that I got... professionaly installed, but then again I don't much about this stuff so I don't know if it's a good discount. Would you guys consider that configuration for that price good? Regardless of the price is the configuration good?

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the first main concern is that you need to make sure the smp wil power the subs...its all about the ohms but they will probably work because they are both JL audio.

JL audio is very expensive but it is a top of the line brand

if you already have the stuff. get it installed professionaly but if not look around on ebay. i just got 2 800 watt subs...a 1600 watt amp..the wiring and a sub box for 300$ on ebay. i didnt think it would be that great but i wanted it quick and i wanted it cheap. i took it to best buy..baught some more heavy duty wires and a cd player...overall the system was 700$. the guys at bestbuy said they were amazed how good it sounded..the system is a 1000 watt RMS system.

now you have a 500/1 monoblock sub. that means that at one ohm impedance your amp will power those subs at 500 watt max power. so thats about 200 RMS, but who knows the subs are propbably 2 ohms...and the amp will power less then 150 i would say check it out on ebay..jl audio is expenisive..i bought my kit from a seller with the name of lucky7audio..two aw1251t audiobahn subs..bandpass box...1600 watt amp..check it out..get it installed at circuit city..and youll have a system that pounds so hard for less than 450$

and for the boxes remeber this...sealed boxes hit harder..but they are more sloppy than ported..but unless your playing your music extremly loud..they are both fine

also check this site out

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Ah thanks a lot for your detailed explanation. That site seams like it can explain a lot of this stuff to me but it looks like way to much to read. Makes it kind of discouraging due to the amount on there.

Anyway, yes I actually ended up getting this today although I'm still very interested in feedback. To me it sounds pretty dam good as of now but they didn't install the bass knob yet.

I was wondering, even though each w3 has 300 rms, does it matter that my amp is 500 and not 600 (JL doesn't make a 600)?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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that jl amp is under rated and will work from 1.5-4ohms. The deal was ok, as far as ebay, warranty is always an issue and JL is tight on internet purchases. I use the same 500/1 on a JL steal box w 210w3, just great.
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