Subs stopped working, wondering if it's the amp


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i have a MTX 942.2, and the protection light is on so the subs wont play

i think the reason my be my fuse because if i have my subs playing and then start the car i always here this loud pop and i look at the fuse and there smoke/and is really hot and melts the fuse box

it worked fine for awbout 2 wks and now all of a sudden it won't work- change the fuse and see how it goes or what?

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oh and also every once in a blue moon if i just try to see if they work they'll turn on, but when i get in the car the next morning- they're off again

dunno if that helps

thanks for any help

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your power wire's grounded out, thank God you have that fuse or your car would be straight waffled bye now. Chase down your power wire, I'de bet it's touching metal where it goes through the firewall. If it's not touching there it may be touching at your amp terminals or somewhere else... you didn't run the power wire through your door jamb did you?
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