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I am looking at upgrading my speakers and was wondering if it makes any sense to run the 2 front speakers off of one amp and the 2 rear off a seperate 2-channel amp? The ones I am looking at are as follows:

Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 powered by a Audiobahn A4002T 2-channel amp.

Infinity Kappa 693.7i powered by Kicker kx350.2 2-channel amp.

Or if powered by 1 4-channel same speakers looking at using Infinity Reference 7541a.

So which would be better? I am not to worried about price between either way there is only 80 dollars difference between the 2. Also Head Unit is the Alpine DVA-9860. Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Hey, I dont think its worth getting 2 amps for that. I have a Kicker Kx350.4 amp pushing my kicker 3-way 6x9's and my 6.5 doors (stock) soon to be boston acoustics components. I mean put it this way, your headunit may push like 50watts a channel or 23-25watts rms to each speaker. That kicker amp does about 75W rms and I don't know the peak power. Im thinking your rear speakers would be able to handle no more than 125W rms, and you'd have to be listenin to them loud. I dont even have my 4ch gains past 1/2 way and never have I had to turn my deck up to max or near max because something wasn't loud enough.

To sum it up, get a 4ch then you wont have as much junk in the trunk lol, and with a 4 ch it should have 2 sets of dials EX, front 2 ch and rear 2 ch. So I just think its better that way, and your not.

Plus it might be just me, but I like to be consistant. If I have 2 amps, they would be the same company, and that I do. I just dont think
setups with all this mix matched stuff look as nice or clean as same amps.

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Oh sorry to skip the main thing of your topic though.

I read the post wrong, yea you could do it, those are nice speakers, with the rear watch the gain if you have a 4ch like that. but im still confused. do you have those amps and are thinking of getting the 4ch? If you dont have 2 2ch amps then I'd go with 1 4ch. If you have 2 2ch amp then just save your money I guess...

No I dont have the amps yet. I held off on buying the amps until I could get some feedback on it. You said the same thing in your first post that kind of nagged at me "more junk in the trunk". I think I may just go with the Kicker 4 channel to power all of them. Thanks for the info.

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For my application i picked the same exact 4 Inf Ref 6.5 so i went with a Alpine 545 amp . I got the amp so far but the Inf will be delivered in about 2wks time .
2 amps would mean more wiring ,possibly more current draw too & space so i would choose a single 4 chan .....
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