Help!!! may have killed my amp


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i found a guy with a system he just wanted to get rid of so he gave it to me for 50$. i know its crapy equipment but its my first system and cheap. It consists of 2 12" subs in a bandpass box and a 1000watt max amp made by pyramid(yea i know its way over rated).Anyways, i heard the system work in his car before i took it so i knew it worked. i wired everything up in my car. powre from the battery, ground to the frame, remote to deck, and rca outs. when i went to put the fuse back in the amp it started sparking from the end of the fuse and burnt off the end of the fuse...not the part thats supposed to melt. so i unkooked the power from the battery and put the fuse in to try it in a diff order. when i put the power wire on the battery though the amp started smoking so i pulled it off really quich and looked at the fuse which was only half burnt out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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You either have no luck at all, or you made a mistake with the power wires. If you reverse the connection, pos to neg and neg to pos, it'll spark/blow the fuse/fry the amp.
Unhook everything and check the power wires. Make sure the pos from the battery is connected to the pos on the amp. The amp's neg to the ground. Do not ground out the amp's chassis.
If you don't see any sparks flying, then connect the remote wire to the pos. This should cause the amp to turn on. If you see sparks or smoke, then the amp is toast.
The good news is, it's a Pyarmid, so you can easily replace it for the same amount or less.

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i unhooked everthing and redid the ground put in the fuse and as soon as i went near the battery again with the power wire sparks were going like crazy so i think i just have horrible luck...
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