YOUR DECISION 860mp or cd8445


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well i have narrowed it down to these 2 decks i feel for my pricerange these are the 2 best headunits.

they each have pretty much the same features(which use different names) but i cant decide which one to get.

i hold alot of your guys' opinions here very highly and would like to know which headunit is superior to the other and why as well as which one you would choose between the 2 and why.

decisions decisions


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You really cant go wrong with either. Just make sure the Pioneer 860 is the PREMIER versian. For SImplicity sake i whould go with the Pioneer p860 which is what i have. I went from a Eclipse CD8454 which is probabably one of the best HU out there still to the PIoneer p860 and it has done wonders for me. The Eclipse will be better for a true SQ system in my opinion but the Pioneer wont be far from SQ and give you alot of options and a 3 year warranty unlike eclipse's 1 or 2 year if installed by a dealer. I just recently found a CD8454 on ebay and bought one back but not sure what im gonna do with it. Maybe keep it for another car.

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I have a Eclipse 8445, bought and installed it 2 days ago. I had the 8455, but i never installed it because I never installed my alarm. But then I read up, and there isn't a difference in the 8445 and the 8455 unless you wanna pay 150 dollars more for 3 bands of EQ and dig. inputs. I have no use for dig. inputs because I have my sirius and mp3 cds which are what I live off of lol.
I just figured the GPS out after I hooked it up which is actually nice. I made a few moving pictures for my screensaver also =D
Overall it is the best deck for SQ I have ever had. Even though it is on stock speakers right now lol. Sounds danm good though.
Has a lottttt of features and options, my faves are the x-over, rta, and the eq. =D

I had owned a p80 before, the one below the 860 I liked it, liked the 26wrms the most though lol. But I still like the Eclipse a lotttt more.

just my opinion

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Well there are more differences in the CD8445 and the CD8455. The biggest differences are the CD8455 comes with a mic for optimal time alignment and EQ wehreas the 8445 does not have the option. The second is that the cd8455 has a much better DSP then the CD8445. Called the local high end car audio store and they

And about the warranty. The primere carries a 2 year warranty, the eclipse carries a 3 year if installed by an authorized dealer. One year if not.

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I owned the 8445, and although an excellent HU, I took it back and got an 8455. I like the idea of the internal mike and I got the memory stick as well. the extra 3 bands of equalization coupled with the settings designed from the I-serve, I am rather pleased with the outcome.

To answer your question, either deck will suit your needs, which one has the better warranty, Eclipse with out a doubt, which one is better for sound q, Eclipse with it's 8V out, which one will look better in your car, that is for you to decide. Only you can tell which one suits you best.
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