Amp is out, no power!!


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my amp was working perfectly fine then one day it just turned off.. i mean the protect light is off and and pwer light is off too... when i take out my ground, the protection light comes on but if i connect my ground, it turns off but no power.. anyone know what the problem is??? thanks in advance!!

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check your fuse.....sounds like it might be a issue with your power wire from the battery!

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i checked the fuse.. its all good... if i disconnect the ground the protect light comes on... you think its the ground?? i also checked the REM with a test light, there's power so i don't think that's the problem..

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Throw that test light in the garbage a test light will do more harm than good. You need a digital multimeter you can find them at Sears or Walmart. Then take the meter and put it on volts DC and check the power wire at the battery and at the amp. Also check it on both sides of the fuse holder. Sometimes (exspecially when using glass fuses) the fuse can be bad and look ok the joints inside the fuse break. A test light just shows that there is power there it does not say how many volts.

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Use thre test light to see if remote wire has power.

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sounds like it might be a short, maybe it just seems like it.

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its all good now guys... i have no idea what the hell is wrong with it but when i started my car this morning my amp started working.. still don't know what happen there but i appreciate all the help.. thanks guys!!

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perhaps it overheated
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