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thought I'd start my own thread instead of hijacking..............

"yer RCAs won't have anything to do with yer protect light coming on"

(sorry for the length of my post.....)

My system quit working the other day, I took a look and looks like I had a short in the ground wire in the harness up front cause the platic was brown/burnt looking. I spliced it around the harness for now and the head unit and front speakers started working. No sound from the rear at all.

Checked my amp in back and the red protect light is on. I take out the rca's light goes out, I put even one back in, the light is red again.

I have one Power Acoutics Gothic 1200 running my sub and one Splash Tunnel 800 runing two visonic 6x9's. I have one rca cable going into tthe Gothic and then one coming out of the line out to the line in on my 800 that runs my 6x9's. The 800 has a green light on it.

Any ideas on the protect light? I tried a different rca cable from my head unit to the gothic and got nothing, then I tried straight from the head unit to the 800 but still nothing. Did I blow the pre-amps on my head unit?

System was working fine for about 2years until this happened when a song on a mix cd came on and it was way louder (and I already had the vol. cranked)than song before it with heavy bass; it played for a few seconds or so and then everything just shut off.

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Get a portable cd player and hook it up directly to the amp. See if the protection light goes out.
Did you set the gain/level properly on the amp?
Unless you have high quality system, most HUs/amps will cause distortion/clipping at high volume. When that happens, it can blow subs/speakers/amps. Just cause it used to work yesterday doesn't mean it'll work today. That's the thing with electronics. You overload/push it beyond it's capability, and it blows. It can't heal/fix itself.
Check all your wirings for cuts/shorts.

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thanks, I don't have a portable cd player but I'll figure something out. I think the problem is with my head unit though because my amp that runs the 6x9's is showing no trouble light and when I connect the RCA's to it still nothing. This might be a good excuse to rip it all out and start over. Sucks cause it's getting cold though here in MN..:-)
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