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Hi, my name is jessica im 19 and im getting a 1996 nissan 300zx tt in january and was wondering what would be the best system for me...I am very new to this. willing to spend $2000-$3000 US

This is what I was thinking so far
-Pioneer DEH-P9600MP
-2 10" Kicker S10L7 Subs
-Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 6 1/2" Component
Are these a good choice?
What else might I want?
What amps should I get?
Any suggestions?

Thanks for the quick reply

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you can do considerably better for 2-3k.
what is the primary reason for your preference in 10"? space, relatively nominal output..

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Jessica, try looking at Alpine/Eclipse headunits, JL 10W7 in a HO box (HO=High Output, not the ones on the stree). For the amp, try JL 500/1 amp and 2F capacitor (to smooth out power spikes/demands). Infinity Kappa Perfect should give you good sound quality.
The above should cost somewhere around $2000 or less.
Don't forget about amp power wire kit & installation cost. If you really want powerful sound, then upgrade you stock alternator to HO model. It'll give the power needed by sub amps.
You're either loaded or very lucky to get a sports car at 19!

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I almost forgot, you will need 2nd amp for the Infinity Kappas, try JL 300/4 amp.

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Isaac, dont forget to mention Pioneer Premier Head Units. They are just as good as Alpine and Eclipse, especially for the money and the options and the 2 year warranty and ease of use on the Pioneers.

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Some of the Pioneer requires a proprietary adaptor/connector for certain devices to work. For example, their surround sound module, will not work with other brands/models. Reminds me too much of Clarion/Sony. Those b turds even modified a normal optical cable so that it would only work with their brand.

For you, JL subs and amps are probably complete overkill. For the cost of one jl 10w7 you can get 2 alpine type-x 12s. And for the cost of the jl 500/1 amp, you could get 2 Alpine mrd-m1005 amps with double the wattage. And I will OPENLY admit that JL amps are better than alpine, but given that you're a beginner who probably just wants to listen to music, you wouldn't have a clue how to tune it to sound good anyways. And the 10w7 would be a hard hitting sub, but nowhere near 2 type x 12s with 1000 watts to each sub. And from what i've seen so far, the type x's still have better sound quality than the w7's. Not sure how much of a trunk you want, but 2 12s layed out in the hatch of a 300zx looks pretty sweet.

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Im looking mostly for sound quality but I want to be heard too...I dont care about trunk space lol thats what my truck is for

I listen to alot of different music mostly metal and rock but listen to a little rap

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I agree with anon, I think 2 type Xs, each with its own MRD-M1005 any say a MRV-F545 for a set of CDT or DLS midlevel comps would be a sweet install.

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with that stated, i would go with an elemental designs nine.1 amp http://edesignaudio.com/category.php?type=amps and two sound splinter rl-p 12's. http://soundsplinter.com/rlp_premium_series_12_and_15_inch_subwoofer.html
You'll have incredible output and sq for 800.00.

for the front stage i would go with a Dyn set http://cgi.ebay.com/DYNAUDIO-System-240MKII-6-5-Component-Set-NEW-240mk2_W0QQite mZ5824395430QQcategoryZ32819QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
for roughly 500.00 pushed by a nine.2 for an additional 215.00.
that's 1500.00 before install on a (high) potential competition grade ride.
that's my shot at it, anyway

*edit* the ed subs are good too. the package deals are certainly worth considering.

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Here's something that is similar to Mike's list:
JL 1000/1 (around $800)
JL 12W7 in HO Box ($700)
DYNAUDIO System 240MKII 6.5" $490
If possible, listen to Mike's setup above and the JL setup. You'll be surprised with the SQ and SPL you'll get from HO box.

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I'd go with a SEAS Lotus Reference component system (~$750 retail)

2 Image Dynamics ID Max subwoofers (~$800 for the pair)

Look at Eclipse and Premier head units, the top of the line of either will be around $500-600.

www.knukonceptz.com for wiring

With the rest of the money you can invest in your amplifiers. Kicker makes good budget amplifiers, if you want higher end you could try to scour up some used Zapcos, PPI Art series, or US amplifiers on ebay. You'll want around 1200-1600 watts RMS for the ID Maxes and 100-150W RMS for the components.

All the stuff I listed was retail pricing, if you find them cheaper by all means jump on the deal. Down the road you'll want to invest in sound deadening, you may want to invest in equalizers or processors if you want to take the system to the next level. You could possibly do so with what you have left if you find some good deals on equipment. Also remember to save money for the enclosure, build it or have one built instead of a prefab.

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Jonathan, try the thread under subs. She posted everywhere.

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Hi Jessica
This is what I would look at, Eclipse headunits some have 8 Vpreouts very good .
Speakers: MB Quarts components (PCE 213 or RUA 213) something like that look at the Frequency Response, 55 - 32.000 Hz
SUBs Massive audio CW 10 Stage2 small and good
Amps RS25.4/PA 25.4 for speakers and RS50/PA50 for subs.
I just bought these amps and sub with the 5X7 speaker. This will fit a small area with preferance to Sound Quality more then Loud.
I have kids in car and not an issue with volume. I think you would be really happy with this.
My other choice was boston accoustics with a Brax amp Big coin my wish but not need. Good luck
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