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hey im thinking of buying the Pioneer DEH P7700MP(on eaby) so im looking at spending around 200$. what im here to ask, is do you reccomend that head unit, and is there any other units as good or better than that one, and in that price range that you would reccomend?(i could pry go to 250$ at most, if that helps.) thanks for all the help mZ5822308718QQcategoryZ39752QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

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Its good but the PREMIER IS EVEN BETTER - cause it has a higher output voltage 4v as oppose to the reg Pioneer which has 2.2v . Go to Pioneer' site & do a side ny side model comparison to see ...

Higher voltage means a higher/clearer/cleaner signal to your amps & it does make a difference - so spend about $20/30 more for the Premier instead ......

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I love my Pioneer DEH P7700MP. Got it brand new for $194.00 at Circuit City during their "web only" sale.

I like the direct access to subwoofer control and clock, the remote is nice and small yet full-featured, and the multi-control dial keeps all your functions closer while driving.

The Premier is of course better because of the higher pre-out voltage, but I couldn't resist saving over $60.00 when my system is not competition level (I run Memphis Power Reference amps, speakers and sub).

Alpines may or may not sound better but I find them more complicated to use and less featured for the same price range. And most of them in that range are also 2.2V pre-outs.

I'm not much sold on other brands in that price range. I love the looks of the Pioneer in grey/silver/black. The Premier looks cool too in silver/black.

Very respctable unit - you can't go wrong.

Here's mine in my 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid 4X4:


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this might help you.
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