Should i buy a used system??


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My friend has 2 memphis 12's in a sealed enlosure. With a Memphis, i think 700 watt amp. It sounds really good in his camaro, but i think i might buy it for my jeep. Its 3 years old, and i didn't know if it would sound good or how the durability of memphis stuff is.

Should i buy them, and how much do you think i should pay. I know they sound good, i just dont know how long they will last. By the way, he has taken good care of them.

Please leave a post on whether its a good idea to buy them, and how much i should pay!

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3 years old is a long time for an audio system, they don't hold value that long either i wouldn't think.
personally i wouldn't buy it, i'd rather put my money into something newer.

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don't buy it idiot. He's not your friends, he just wants to get rid of his old stuff so he can get something new and better. The only reason I'd take that stuff is if it were for free.

anyway his car is alot smaller than your Jeep, and that equipment is gonna sound alot different.
buy new spend a little more money and laugh in his face.
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