Will I see a dB gain???


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I currently have an SX15 and a RE 12.1 amp. I am also running an alpine amp for my highs, a DVD screen, extra foglights, and neon....

If I Sound deaden my hatchback with 2-3 layers of dynamat or something similar, and get a high-output alternator, will I notice a significant dB gain or is it a waste of $300-325???

I want to get any edge I can over my friend and his 2 12" type R's and JL 1000/1 amp. I have stated this comparison before... but I would like all opinions on whos bass will be louder...

RE SX15 ported and the RE 12.1 amp, with a 1.2 farad power cap, High output alternator, 2-3 layers of dynamat in a 97 Camaro hatchback...


2 12" Alpine Type R's in a ported box with a JL 1000/1 Amp. Everything else stock...No power cap, No dynamat, no HO alternator, and its in the trunk of a 98 Cadillac STS.


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Username: Camaro155mph

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lol i guess its will i "hear" a dB gain...

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haha i bet his lights look like they are part of the music

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if I had to bet I would deff say you would be louder due to the more SPL geared nature of the RE SX also the fact that you have a hatch back and he has a trunk. If you were to dynamat your hatch yes you would notice a difference and as far as a HO alt everything will be running much more efficiently and not lacking proper power so yes you could notice a agin from that as well.

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dynomat works wonders on some cars...just make sure you use it in the right places and ull notice a huge difference both inside and outside
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