Help ASAP, please help, amp going into protection


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hey sup guyss

k im pretty sure rovin and u other guys recongize me,
guy with the onxy monster sub,

well i got a jbl 1200.1 mono block amp
and i hooked up my quad 4 onxy sub
and i have 2g instead of 4 gauge
and i replace my speaker wire with 8g,
i got the sub parellel at 1 ohm to the amp,
and when i crank the volume aroudn 25/60
my amp goes into protection
when i turn the volunme down it goes back to normal.

right now the only thing i can think of is the battery,

its a weak azz stock batt thats about to die(has acid leaking a lil)
could that be the problem or im giving my amp a to low of a load, cuz i could wire it in series no problem but it wasnt loud, but it still worked,

when i have it in parellel right now, its loud as hell but i cant put the volume too much,

i hope its not the sub thats wrong?

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is the amp 1ohm stable

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yo guys news flash
the amp is 1 ohm stable
and the sub is a quad 1 ohm voice coils
not quad 4... and i got a pic of it
this pic below is my sub vs the shiva 2

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Username: Sexy_kuta

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alright i found out the problem
i wiried my amp/sub to .25 ohms..

i had to wire it into series/parellel
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