Pioneer premier DEH-P8MP vs Alpine CDA-9855


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I just picked up the DEH-P8MP pioneer premier deck very cheap in a package deal. I'm not sure if I want to keep it or sell it off and get the alpine 9855?

I've heard that the 9855 will have much better sound, which is important to me!

The pioneer does have 6.5V preouts vs 4V preouts, but still, I've read that the alpine has better sound.

Also, I personally think the pioneer looks cooler, but I've heard too many good things about alpine decks to not resell.

Am I crazy for reselling to upgrade or right on track?

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The DEH-P8MP is a good headunit, but the Alpine, in my opinion, will sound better. If you're happy with the Pioneer;however, keep it.

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I haven't installed it yet, so I don't know how happy I would be :-)

I'm leaning way towards reselling and laying down another $100 or so for the alpine.

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i chose the deh-p8mp over the 9855 because the problems alpines has had with defective models this year. the the p8mp is a great head unit. i'm sure if you buy the 9855 from a car stereo shop you would be safe on the defect issues cuz i'm sure alpine has taken care of the problem. however, if your purchasing from ebay you might not be so lucky.

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yeah either purchase the 9855 from an authorized dealer such as bestbuy or purchase last years model which is the 9835. i personally like the 9835 more and it seems more reliable, not as many issues as 9855.

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Everything I have read indicates that Alpine had a recall on the first 9855s that came out earlier this year. All the latest batches are fine. Even if I get a bum one, I'll just have Alpine fix it...

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Alpine usually doesn't have the power that the Pioneer has. If you aren't going to be using an amplifier definately go with the Pioneer. SQ isn't going to be a ton different. Both are good decks, personally I go pioneer.

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I have had the pioneer P80MP and listened to the Alpine 9855 in a shop. I liked the sound of the Pioneer, but the Alpine (apart from the recent defective batch)is 'supposed' to be the more reliable. The pioneer P80MP isn't reliable, the motorised faceplate and display can go wrong on them. Best thing is, go to a car audio shop, (a proper one!) and listen to both. The Pioneer is probably the better bet, it has a lot of features. With the Alpine, try using the glidetouch feature.
The Alpine aftersales service and repair centre is supposed to be very very good I hear.
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