500 to 700 dollar budget


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I dont want to spend over 700 bucks...i was looking at the JL W1 13" and a pioneer amp. Or maybe one 12" solo-baric or 2 kicker comp vr 12"

I have a Jeep Cherokee, and i've heard that my system will get a lot of air. so anything will sound decent. But i just want to get the best for my money.

Please leave your opinion, or maybe suggest another system for me !!!!!!!

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What theres a jl w1 13"?
dont get the solobarics they wont last long theres tons of stuff for that budget but i have to go Maybe someone will answer you and i say MAYBE because it looks like the forums lonely today.:-(

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so you looking for a single 12" sub and a single Mono amp? Am I correct?

Even with the RE SX 12 $275 + a $400 amp maybe that is decent quality thats almost all your budget.

But don't forget about the box (very important), wiring, and installation. Your looking at spending well over $200 just on those things.

If you want a decent system save up your money and be prepared to spend more money for quality.

And I suggest you find out what your aiming for SQ or SQL. (loudness vs sound quality)

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Username: Dubz_on_my_jeep

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Well i am looking for SPL....but my budget isn't exactly good. Would i be better off trying to buy stuff on Ebay? or is that a bad idea.

The JL W1 sounded good...but for spl i should at least get 2 of them. Or should i look into other brands...such as memphis, MTX?

I'm very new at this..but am trying to learn..Please post

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Hey man look, just search ebay. i got my system all off ebay and i ain't dissappointed at all. All that sh!t about don't trust ebay, ebay is bullsh!t. read the feedback comments and you can always get your money back if you go through paypal. I got 2 type r 12's the 2005 model for 230 shipped!!! I also bought a hifonics 1500 watt mono amp for 262 with a free amp kit which was garbage!!. shouldnt have bought taht one you can easily get one for 250 and save yourself the 10 dollars they charged me on a cheap @ss 4 gauge kit. Anyways... i bought my cap from the flea market for 72 bucks ( a power acousic 3 farad digital capacitor) and purchased a 4 gauge rockford fosgate power kit for like 35 bucks shipped. There you go, you have your 600 dollar system and let me tell you, my sh!t BANGS. i have the subs hooked up to half an ohm right now lol i knwo its gonna mess up my amp but i'm trying to get 2 4 ohm type r's. Good luck

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I like what Comp98 said

1 12" RE SX & a RE 1200 amp
$250 + $400 for that amp , use the $50 for s/h & some wiring too

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like muddy says save your money and get what u want


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you can get
1)2 Type Rs and a JBL GTO 1200.1 amp or even a Kicker KX1200.1
2)2 Eclipse Aluminums
3)Sound Splinter RL-p
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