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Alrighty I just traded a friend one of my MTX 421D (420 watts) amps and 30 bucks for his Legacy LA1080 (2000 watts), good deal on my side! Well the only thing is hes not very good at car audio so he doesn't know how big the power wire should be. If I was to use 4awg, and that is not the right size, will it damage the amp or what.(like if its suppose to be 0/1 awg). If yes does anyone know how big it should be. ALSO I HAVE ONE MORE MTX 421D AMP THAT I AM SELLING. GIVE ME AND OFFER AND I CAN SEE WHAT I CAN DO. ONLY USED FOR ABOUT 3 MONTHS, NO SCRATCHES OR DINGS!

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Personally, I would have kept the MTX's and hooked them both up because Legacy is junk. But anyway, you should be good with the 4 guage power wire.

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Legacy is WAY overated so a 4 guage power wire is pleanty. I wouldn't even be surprised if you could go lower with the power wire guage. Also, I think you got the short end of the stick on the trade buddy. You buddy got off a lot better.

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that amp will only see 2000w if lightning strikes it, and then that is a maybe

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well i think i got the better end even though legacy is low end i mean the one i gave up was only 420 watts. well thanks, i think i should do fine since the subs rms total 1000 watts. This way i can run all three off of the same amp

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lol that amp is gonna be like 500rms and its probably gonna sound like crap you can find that amp on the net for like 130 shipped i think youre friend got the BETTER deal The mtx would sound WAY better and last longer. What ever you do dont mess up ONE wire make sure everythings right cause on false move and bam it goes into protect mode. And then you get to have fun and try to get it out of protect mode.

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Ouch. What a trade! And you gave him money to boot.

I've been there done that with Legacy...it's all junk. I would rank it equally with Pyramid, if that tells you anything.

I'm not trying to be an @ss, but you were taken on this deal.

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