hey, does anyone know if radar detectors are illegal? if they are, then why do people have them on the windshield for where the po po can see them? where else would you mount them?

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laws on radar detection vary from state to state.
in Va, DC, Ct, if I recall, they are illegal
in some states like Oh and NY, they are illegal for commercial drivers.

it depends on the state.
as for mounting, you can get remote detectors as well.

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they're illegal in va and dc. it is also illegal to put them on the windshield, as it is an obstructuion of view. ive never ever heard of anyone being pulled over because of the obstruction of view. chances are you never will be. detectors now have vg that stops cops from being able to tell if u have a detector or not from satellites, its a lil more in depth than that but im just makin it short. it is illegal in all states for a truck over 10,000 lbs to have a detector. RADAR jammers are illegal every where, but LASER jammers are legal. jammers jam the radar that police use so the radar cant give a reading of the speed of your car.

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1 quest, if all this stuff is illegal, why are they even being sold? Im not the shiniest penny in the crown royal bag but dayum!!! Why is it such a puzzle?

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we just told you they aren't illegal everywhere.
now why is this in subwoofers, instead of the RD forum?

hey dudes, why does my detector only detect chp's? and it only has like a 1/2 mile radius. it can't detect the police or sheriffs. is this how it is?
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