Boss amplifiers (PD-3000)


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Ok I have a Boss PD-3000 which claims it can produce 2000 RMS at 1 ohm. What I dont understand is the amp alone only has three 30 amp fuses. The general rule of thumb is about 10 amps per 100 watts. So this amp should have at least 150-200 amps worth of fuses. I see most amps this size have 40A x 4 or 50A x 4 for their fuses. I think this might have something to do with Voltage ratings. I called the Boss tech support and they said the PD-3000 "puts out 2000 watts rms at 1/2 and 1 ohm. The voltage rating for this amp is at 13.5 volts." I was like what the heck? Because theres no way this amp puts that out at 13.5 volts with only 90 amps worth of fuses.

Can somebody please help me with this?

Thank you,

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yes, get a new amp lmao...
but nah...
according to ohms law.
Current(I) * Voltage(E) = Power(P)
We know power(according to BOSS), and we know voltage(13.6).
So divide the Power side by the voltage to get current on its own since that is what we are solving for.
Current(I) = 2000(P)/13.6(E)
Current(I) = 147
Or it should.
and that is also not calculating for efficiency which that amp has a lot of lol.
So yeah, it's not putting out what it says.

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13.5**** won't change the current but by 1 so forget that... whoops

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the pd-3000 is only fused at *speechless*

and if you call boss (i have done this) they claim that amp is UNDERRATED!

yet another reason boss sux.

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the pd3k and pd4k put out quite a bit of power actually. for a boss amp, they are two of the only ones I've seen that are close to decent for power output. with the fuses though, keep in mind that fuses are rated to last a certain amount of time based on percentage of overcurrent above their rating.. so a 10A fuse may last indefinitely at 10A, and 15 minutes at 12A, but it'd last 5 minutes at 15A and 30 seconds at 20A.. that's just an example. not really an accurate one, but you get the idea.
point is you can draw 2Kw from 90A worth of fuses.. just not indefinitely. has a very good section on fuses. well worth reading to understand how fuses really function.

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So ummm GlassWolf do you think I should keep the Boss PD-3000? Do you think it will push my Kicker L5 15s good?

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Oh and thanks for the help with the fuses stuff.
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