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Bradley M
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Hello all, i'm almost 16, but i'm really excited about getting my first car. .jpg]
This is a picture of subs i found online.
I don't know how subs are set up in a car, but i was just wondering, can someone tell me the basic set-up, and/or what i would need other than the subs and a box to get the maximum bass out of these type of subs. I'll most likely be getting a 2002 Chevy Cavalier

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well to get the subs to play your gonna need an amp first off =D
youll need one with at the least 1000 watts rms... but it would be hard to find a amp for those ohm loads, cause each of those are dual 4 ohm subs.
but basically you would get a amp first, then a amp kit with a 4 gauge(at the least), 2 gauge for safety, power wire and ground. Then you use the RCA's to send a signal from the head unit. Use the remote wire to cut the amp on when your head unit cuts on. Hook this to the blue/white REMOTE TURN ON on the back of your amp, not the solid blue POWER ANT. Run the remote on the same side of the power leads, signals on the other side. hook everything into your amp. then run speaker wire, preferably 12-8 gauge into your subs. and then you should be set.... i dont think im forgetting anything?
this amp should work for you, or one like it.. mZ5818818654QQcategoryZ79829QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

bradley m.
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Can i take my car to a car audio/video place, and have them set this all up. Like hoooking the amp up to remote turn on and guages and stuff?

no you can't because you already made someone type a long thing about how to do it

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LOL! Now that's funny!
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