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Im sure this has been posted alot of times but im new to this site and I need help.. I have a system in my car and the engine noise is just unbarable... I ran the rca's and the power wire on diff. sides of the car, connected the ground to a bolt in my trunk area and scraped it to make sure that it was all metal. My headunit is still humming a little even when my amp is off but alot less and when I dissconect the rca's from the radio I can stil hear a lil humming, witch I could not hear when I first had the head unit.. I have a cheap pyramid head unit, does anybody think it could be the headunit causing the engine noise to filter thru to my subs and speakers or could it be something else.. Thanks alot in advance.. Ill take any kind of advice at this point. If im in the wrong area please rederect me to a better place in the site.. like I said.. this is my first time on this site and it seems like its a friendly place to get some much needed help..

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try grounding the head unit to bare chassis metal instead of through the factory wiring harness.
if that fails, chances are it's just an issue with a very cheap head unit.
a case of getting what you pay for, as it were.
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