Problems with my Phoenix Gold Xenon 1200.1? Going into protect?


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Okay, a bit of info about my setup..

I'm running a yellow top under the hood, 0 gauge power, 0 gauge ground going to rear quarter panel interior where spare tire used to be, to a second yellow top.

From 2nd yellow top, going 0 gauge power to dist block, with four 4 gauge wires running to a HiFonics Brutus, my 4 channel amp, and a pair going to the PG. (Has dual 4 GA inputs). Similar setup with the ground.

It's powering my 13W7 in a slot ported box. Now, my problem.. It works fine, until I reach a certain volume, (generally the upper-limits) then immediately goes into protect. If I turn my head unit off, and turn it back on (resetting the remote lead) and the amp comes back on no problems. The problem is definately reproduceable.

Anyone know what would cause this? My gain isnt too high, and it's not shorting out anywhere, and it only happens on bass-heavy songs when I turn it up very high. The other amps continue working just fine. I've also tried dropping down to single inputs, and same thing still.

For curiousity's sake, I turned my sensitivity down, and it still happens (with slightly higher volume).

Anyone have any idea's? It works great up until that one certain point...and the amp is very cool to the touch, not even close to overheating.. RCA's are also fine.. (it's also providing the RCA outs to go to my hifonics).

I'm pretty stumped.

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No one?

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your ohm rating isnt the w7 a 3 ohm sub and is that amp able to handle that load
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