Sealing holes in rear deck frame


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if you take the cover off of your back dashboard if u have a sedan and u see lots of little holes
could i seal that up or is that for the trunk to have circulation with the car so its not to hot in there ?

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robert, so you wouldn't recommend installing rear 6x9's? curious cause i have a 05 accord coupe and if it will sound better without the rear 6x9's, then i want to take it out. i have jl audio 6 1/2 in the door and the tweeter in the dash. my 6x9's in the rear are alpine.

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why do u want to seal it for Robert ?

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sealing it could let less bass into cabin

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Sealing it will KILL the bass in the cab.
Some people PAY to get holes cut for ports in the rear deck!

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Yeah man don't seal it. In fact i was gonna get mine customed made with openings so i could get more bass into the cabin and kill the damned rattling it makes. Anyone knows any sites with pics of rear deck designs?

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hmmm i say this cause my back dash is made of a really cheap plywood which is really worn out and falling apart (lookng to go to junk yard and get new one, along with 3 interior door handles lol they broke) but accually now it accually rattles less (filled them up with silicone) and sounds cleaner and i just pull one of my seats down and i cant hear the bass that much but i can feel it (which thats how i live bass not that ghetto crap)
although overall i like it more now i covered all the pencil width holes but now i just got a couple of small fist size square wholes to plug up

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chad ... if you have stock 6x9 i would take them out ... in my case i just unhooked them cause i want the back dash filled up this will give you alot better sq although if you want look into some midbass subs to fill in the back ... kicker makes some 125rms 6.5" im lookin into after i get the RSX (love the trunk i can fit a 18" SX in it i measured ;) ) or you can drill the back to fit a 8" midbass sub this will tie your front speakers to your subs so it wont feel seperated
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