Pioneer deh-1300 static??


i have an older pioneer deh-1300, its worked fine for 2 years but all of a sudden its producing alot of static on low tones. i am running a pair of 6x9's and a pair of 5 1/4's, the static comes out of all the speakers and the 5 1/4's are brand new. it makes static while playing cd's and also while playing the radio. Ive had the thing in the house for awhile to hopefully get rid of any condensation that may be inside there but it makes no differance, i have also blown compressed air into it to clean it out a bit but also no differance. I have no idea what is wrong. one more thing, its like -20degrees celcius (-5F) here. could that be the problem. that its just too cold?? I read something about cold soldiering is that a possibility?

thanks in advance.

I have had a similar problem with the Premier DEH-P740MP as well. It seems to do it mostly when it is cooler outside. I have checked the wiring and have found no problems. Mine had been boxed in the closet brand new for a year and just now was installed and has been doing this ever since. Have you found out what is wrong? Please e-mail me at if you have found anything out!!
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